Episode #45 - Interview with Brad Smit

Brad Smith, CXO, Sage

Brad Smith, CXO, Sage

Ed and Ron interviewed Brad Smith, Global EVP of Customer Experience at Sage.

Brad is responsible for developing all aspects of the Sage customer experience, from product design to the invoice experience and all points in between. As Ed said by way of introduction, "What Joe Pine theorizes, Brad Smith materializes."

He has nearly 20 years of leadership in web consumer, enterprise software, and communication service provider industries. Brad is on the board of the Consortium for Service Innovation and loves talking about customer experience. "My job is to deliver what other people promise." 

We had a wide-ranging discussion on customer service, customer experience, airline loyalty programs, the Sage RV Tour, Sage City, and the experiment at Zappos with Holacracy.

You can read three of Brad’s articles on customer experience.

You won’t want to miss this interview. Brad is a fount of wisdom when it comes to instilling customer loyalty, value, and service into your organization.

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