Episode #255: The Soul of Silicon

In May 1997, George Gilder delivered "The Soul of Silicon" to the Vatican, at a conference arranged and coordinated by the Acton Institute.

Ron, who is a devotee of all of Gilder's writings, believes that this is one of the most profound pieces George has ever written. We discussed the entire speech during this episode.

  • You can access The Soul of Silicon speech here.

  • You can access the encyclical Rerum Novarum here.

  • You can access the encyclical Centesimus Annus here.

Strap in for this episode! As follow up, George Gilder’s book, Men and Marriage, expands on the idea that parenthood is the ultimate entrepreneurial act, including many other topics. For an alternative perspective, Ayn Rand’s last public speech, The Age of Mediocrity, is where she criticizes Gilder’s defense of capitalism.

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