Episode #223: 2018 - The Year in Review



  • President George Herbert Walker Bush

  • Barbara Bush

  • John McCain

  • Charles Krauthammer

  • Marty Allen, comedian

  • Penny Marshall

  • Stephen Hillenburg, Creator SpongeBob Squarepants, ALS, 57

  • Roy Clark

  • Stan Lee

  • Paul Allen

  • Burt Reynolds

  • Neil Simon

  • Robin Leach

  • David Ogden Stiers, M*A*S*H

  • Aretha Franklin

  • Charlotte Rae (Edna Garret, The Facts of Life)

  • Adrian Cronauer, 79, American airman, radio show was inspiration for Good Morning, Vietnam

  • Joe Jackson, patriarch of Jackson family, 89

  • Anthony Bourdain, 61

  • Kate Spade, 55

  • Dwight Clark, The Catch, ALS, 61

  • Jerry Maren, 98, last surviving munchkin from The Wizard of OZ

  • Verne Troyer, Mini-Me in Austin Powers, 49

  • Tom Wolfe, 87

  • Margot Kidder

  • Larry Harvey, Founder of Burning Man Festival, 70

  • Harry Anderson, Night Court, 65

  • R. Lee Ermey, Full Metal Jacket drill sergeant, 74

  • Linda Brown, center of US Supreme Court Case ended segregation, 75

  • Stephen Hawking, 76

  • Bill Graham, 99

  • John Mahoney, Frazier, played the father, 77

  • Jerry Van Dyke, 86

  • John Young, Astronaut, walk on moon, first space shuttle flight, 87

  • Ken Berry

  • Richard Harrison, The Old Man on Pawn Stars, 77, Parkinson’s

TSOE Shows in 2018

Out of 50 live shows in 2018, we had guests on 23 of them (46%). Big shout out to our show runner, Thomas Casey, for arranging most of the wonderful guests we had on, and thank you to all the wonderful guests for appearing on the show.

Ron’s Five Favorite Shows of 2018 

  1. Bad Medicine, Episode #178

  2. Laws of Systems Thinking, Episode #175

  3. The Subscription Business Model, Parts I & II, Episodes #217 and #221

  4. Top Ten Pricing Lessons, Episode #196

  5. The Value Guarantee, Episode #179

Ed’s Data-driver Top Shows according to YOU

Top 3 interview shows

  1. George Gilder, Episode #207, Life After Google

  2. Stephan Liozu, Episode #203

  3. Russ Roberts, Episode #213

Top 3 topic-driven shows

  1. How to Have a Value Conversation, Episode #182

  2. The Subscription Business Model, Part I, Episodes #217

  3. Top Ten Pricing Lessons, Episode #196

Pull-quotes from our Guests

Mentors and Economists

Ron’s 37-year mentor, George Gilder, Episode #207, Life After Google

  • “We have to act in the darkness of time”

  • “Faith precedes knowledge, faith precedes action, faith precedes meaning”

  • “You can’t have any logical, rational system without faith”

Ed’s long time mentor, Peter Block, Episode #183

  • “Liberty is the absence of coercion; freedom is a choice, a commitment”

  • Ed sang to Peter!

  • Eisenhower asked computer, “Is there a God?” “There is now.”

Thomas Hazlitt, Episode #184, The Political Spectrum

  • The story of naming the SS Minnow from Gilligan’s Island

  • The iPhone wouldn’t have been allowed with net neutrality

Don Boudreaux, Episode #187

  • Public Choice is “Politics without romance.”

  • If mass transit is going to be measured by the number of jobs it creates, then we should have publicly funded Rickshaws, since there is a 1:1 of jobs and passengers

Michael Munger, Episode #190, Tomorrow 3.0

  • Uber is not threat to taxis, but to Amazon (Sears was first Amazon)

  • Triangulation, Transfer, Trust

  • To the customer, all costs are transaction costs

Russ Roberts, Episode #213

  • From Russ’s recent podcast, a Chinese proverb: “No food, one problem. Lots of food, many problems.”

Walter Williams, Episode #216

  • Referring to minimum wage laws: “They don’t even pass the sniff test.”

Other notable guests: a journalist, a former Thunderbird(!), authors, entrepreneurs, etc.

Mark Skousen, Episode #205

John Stossel, Episode #204

Chris “Elroy” Stricklin, Episode #214

Jeffrey Tucker, Episode #201, Right-Wing Collectivism

Barry Melancon, Episode #177, President of the American Institute of CPAs

Blair Enns, Episode #188, Pricing Creativity

Phil Rosenzweig, Episode #191, The Halo Effect

  • “Whenever someone says ‘We have the right strategy, we just need to execute better,’ I make sure to take an extra-close look at the strategy.”

Mary Ruwart, Episode #192, Death by Regulation

  • Ed: “Your book is more horrific than a Stephen King novel, because it’s real.”

  • “At least one-half of Americans who died lost at least a decade off their lives because of the 1962 FDA Amendments”

Reginald Lee, Episode #200, Strategic Cost Transformation, VeraSage Senior Fellow

Warren Myer, Episode #218, Coyote Blog, and Climate-Skeptic

Ron Quaranta and Erik Asgeirsson, Episode #212, Erik is the President and Chief Executive Officer of CPA.com, and Ron is the Founder and Chairman of the Wall Street Blockchain Alliance.

Stephan Liozu, Episode #203, Chief Value Officer of Thales Group, Professional Pricing Society Faculty, author

David Meikle, Episode #206, How to Buy a Gorilla

Ryan Lazanis, Episode #210, Founder of Xen Accounting

Alessandra Lezama, Episode #195, AbacusNext CEO

Jeff Kanter, Episode #197, Co-founder of HealthExcellencePlus.com 


Michael Palin, Knighted, Sir Palin 

Predictions Made about 2018


Ed Kless

Ed Kless joined Sage in July of 2003 and is currently the senior director of partner development and strategy. He develops and delivers curriculum for Sage business partners on the art and practice of small business consulting. Courses include: Sage Consulting Academy, Business Strategy and Customer Experience Workshops. Ed is the author of The Soul of Enterprise: Dialogues on Business in the Knowledge Economy, a compendium of a few of the episodes of his VoiceAmerica talk-show The Soul of Enterprise: Business in the Knowledge Economy with Ron Baker, founder of the VeraSage Institute where Ed is also a senior fellow.