Episode #227: Free-Rider Friday, January 2019

Ron Thinks ASMR Is Super Bowl Big…

Autonomous Meridian Sensory Response - or ASMR - is an effective tactic in advertising. Case in point from the SuperBowl: “Zoe Kravitz Does ASMR, Whispers About Michelob Ultra’s Pure Gold Organic Beer in Super Bowl Spot,” AdWeek, Kristina Monllos, January 28, 2019

 Here is some more information from Wikipedia to get you started on the subject of ASMR.


 What do comedy, Trump, and Broadway have in common?

…more than you might think. Colin Quinn’s one-man off-Broadway show is real talk. He tackles some tough subjects and shows guts. Some might even call it counter culture. More here: “The Comedy Counter-Counterculture,” Kyle Smith, National Review, January 29, 2019

Don’t make me craugh. I might spit out my milk. Or cry in despair…

From FEE this past week, we had a great article on the North Korean constitution and a new word for everyone to file away. More here: “North Korea’s Constitution Makes Me Craugh,” FEE, Lawrence W. Reed, January 30, 2019 

Craugh: The temptation to cry and laugh at the same time (Reed conjured up this word while reading North Korea’s constitution)

At one point, we all thought Bezos was just a little crazy…

In hindsight, many of Jeff Bezos’ letters to Amazon shareholders have been great reads. Even years later. This one in particular is from 1997. So get in your Wayback Machine (maybe a Motorola in your pocket and definitely a CRT monitor on your desk) and take a look at this one: “Investor Letters: Jeff Bezos’ 1997 Letter to Amazon Shareholders

From this letter, we have Bezos’ four tenants:

  1. Be obsessed with the customer

  2. Focus on results over process [hat tip to House, M.D.]

  3. Make high quality decisions quickly

  4. Embrace external trends quickly

When Bezos was asked by an employee what Day 2 at Amazon will look like, he said Day 2 is stasis. Followed by irrelevance. Followed by excruciating, painful decline. Followed by death.

For a contrary view on Day 2, see Debbie Madden’s column in Inc.: “Jeff Bezos Says It’s Always Day 1 at Amazon. Here’s the Big Problem With That Philosophy

A Huge Hat Tip to Tim Williams…once again 

Don’t Change Your Practices, Change Your Mind,” Tim Williams, Ignition Consulting Group, January 15, 2019

Speaking of Tim Williams. Do yourself a favor and follow him on LinkedIn. He’s a LinkedIn influencer and every piece he writes is worth reading.

So what did Ed want to talk about this week? Texas.

If Texas were its own country, it would be the third largest oil producer in the world. Heck, if Texas were its own country, by many measures it would be the third largest country in the world too. (Wikipedia link for data points)

Larry Lessig still fights for the commons…

In 1922, Robert Frost wrote a poem. Until now, you had to pay a royalty to use it. Robert Frost poem enters the public domain as of January 1, 2019.

From the Be Careful What You Ask For department… 

Let’s get Caesar involved! (written by Allan Patterson) Go ahead, click the link. You’ll laugh. You might even craugh.

Let’s Get Deep For A Moment…

So what does Jesus have to say about the welfare state? Mr. England has a few thoughts in his article: “Jesus on the redistribution of wealth,” Randy England, Liberty.me, January 15, 2019

Creating An Emotional Connection With Your Dish Detergent…

Something that happens time and time again. That brand WANTS you to love it. That brand WANTS you to feel an emotional connection. But it’s dish detergent so are we expecting too much? Probably. And that’s why “Brand purpose is a lie,” …from Fast Company, January 17, 2019