Episode #53 - VeraSage Laws

Ed and I discussed the upcoming Sage Summit in New Orleans, where we will be broadcasting three live shows on VoiceAmerica.com on Tuesday-Thursday, from 2pm-3pm (CT).

We announced the winners of the VoiceAmerica contest to attend Sage Summit:

  •          Virginia Colin
  •          Ann Beal
  •          Barbara Young
  •          Lindsay Boyd
  •          Prudence Gensman
  •          Simran Singh

VeraSage Laws

Baker’s Law: Bad customers drive out good customers

All customers are not equal.

Whenever anyone said, “All men are created equal.” Federalist Fisher Ames, an ardent opponent of Thomas Jefferson would retort:

            And differ greatly in the sequel.

Usually, the price isn’t wrong—the customer is!

We discussed the VeraSage Adaptive Capacity Model, whereby, similar to an airline or hotel, you reserve capacity for your best customers.

Also, this caveat before firing customers: your customers won’t get better until you do.

It’s axiomatic: You’re as good—or as bad—as the character of your customer list. How does that make you feel.

Kless’ First Law: He who liveth by the discount, shall ye also perish by the discount.

Kless’ Second Law: All measurements are judgments in disguise.

VeraSage adoption of the Second Law of medicine: Prescription before diagnosis is malpractice.

The Military has a great saying: “Time spent on             reconnaissance is never wasted.” 

VeraSage Axiom: Ideas are always and everywhere more important than their execution.

This one is counterintuitive, but true. There’s no good way to execute a bad idea, and good ideas are not everywhere. Thomas Sowell discusses this concept in his books, Knowledge and Decisions and Basic Economics.

Peter Drucker’s Law: Marketing and selling are not complementary, but adversarial.

Another counterintuitive point from Peter Drucker. In a perfect world, you wouldn’t need salesman, because your marketing would be so effective customers would line up to purchase your wares. Apple?