Episode #54 - Free-Rider Friday - July 2015

We discussed the following topics on this episode of Free-Rider Friday.

Sage Summit 2015 Recap

Our thoughts on Sage Summit in New Orleans, where we also broadcasted The Soul of Enterprise live, over three days with an array of guests.

You can listen to each day’s shows here:

Ed’s Topics

Uber delivers a passport and launches a “De Blasio Feature” in New York City, which shows what your wait would be in the absence of Uber. How about Uber for flights?

Cato Institute: One idea for how states could effectively end the federal income tax: Texas could refund everyone’s federal income tax, and then increase the state sales tax. Effectively converting to a pure consumption tax.

The CEO of the private company that makes WD-40 said: “Profit is the applause of doing good work and having engaged employees and that’s what I’m most proud of.”

Jet.com plans to compete against Wal-Mart, Costco, Amazon, etc. by charging $50 per year, and sell everything at cost. Will this business model succeed?

Ron’s Topics

American Enterprise Economist Kevin Hasset, says if you confiscate 100% of all after-tax US corporate profits, and redistribute them to wage earners, you would add roughly $7.50 per hour to wages.

Compare this to the $15 minimum wage some cities have implemented, and you don’t have to be an economist to predict what will happen to employment.

Accenture will get rid of annual performance appraisals. Deloitte is doing the same thing, as reported in detail in the Harvard Business Review, which you can access here: Reinventing Performance Management.

Airline profits have soared to record heights, even as fuel prices have dropped recently, as explained in this article.